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Diagnostic & Counselling Clinic

Established in the year 1976 to evaluate development of children with special needs in the area of academics, learning, skills, psychosocial adjustment, interpersonal relationships, vocational aptitudes and health.  Children are evaluated each year by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists consisting of a pediatrician, clinical psychologist, speech therapist, special educator, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and social worker. A comprehensive rehabilitation program is designed for each child. 


The services at the Clinic Include:


1.    Psycho-diagnostic testing for evaluating mental, social, emotional and physical capabilities of the retarded.


2.    Parent Training Programs. 


3.    Orientation and dissemination of information of welfare schemes to parents and guardians of the mentally retarded. 


4.    Monthly group discussions with parents to exchange notes and experiences.


5.    Discussion with teachers regarding educational goals and behavior modification plans. 


6.    The students from different disciplines like Social Work, Physiotherapy, Special Education & Nursing are come to the the Centre for their Training Program. Trainees from Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Hamdard University, Blind Relief Association, Action for Autism, Amity Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences, Delhi School of Social Work DU, Bhimrao Ambedkar University are placed here.


7.    Early intervention services, including:

• Parental Counseling for Therapeutic Intervention

• Environmental Sensory Stimulation Techniques for Children with Developmental Delay

• Home Training Programs for Parents

• Audio Visual Stimulation through Educational Aids

• Activities for young children to encourage learning through play 


8.    Counseling sessions for emotionally disturbed and children with behavior problems. 


The Clinic has Physiotherapy, Occupational services & a Sensory Integration Unit, which includes: -


• Sensory Integration unit: swings, trampoline, hammock, tunnel, massager etc.

• Effective hand function therapy – pegboard test, clay therapy, massage

• Assessment & training of activities of daily living & vocation.

• Cognitive and mental activities for learning disability 

• Special services: Evaluation on international standardized scales like: Sensory Profile C.A.R.S - 2 (Childhood Autism Rating Scale-2) especially for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (A.D.H.D), Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D) 


The Clinic is also equipped with an advanced Speech & Audiology Unit. The services include: 


• Speech therapy for:

 - Articulation disorder

 - Fluency disorder

 - Voice disorder

 - Delayed speech & language development

• Language developmental programmer

• Instrumental therapy using speech trainer

• Hearing Screening with Pure Tone audiometer

• Auditory Training for hearing impaired

• Soundproof acoustic therapy rooms


The above mentioned Therapy services are a part of the students rehabilitative programme provided by the School.


Community awareness Outreach Programs is conducted in the form of CBR camps.


Assistance is provided in availing of social benefits, concessions & schemes offered by the Government - as Disability pension, Disability Certificate, Health Insurance, and Legal Guardianship etc.

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