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DSWSC is a registered organization formed in 1964 by a group of social workers, doctors, parents and well wishers for the care and training of special children. We propose to take up extensive research in cause and prevention of mental retardation, provide vocational training and identify jobs suitable for the special children in manufacturing units.

Yasho Bhavan,
Okhla Centre

"Children are, indeed, God's most beautiful creation! Their innocent smiles, curious eyes and friendly ways reach the hearts of everyone."

However, all children are not alike, and some have special needs. These children cannot go to an ordinary school; neither can they grow up as ordinary adults. However, their feelings match exactly with the other children; and all they need is understanding, patience and respect. Positive support can help them lead an independent and financially stable life. Unfortunately, the solution is not that simple, with 8 million such children in our country, many of whom still lead lesser lives. The challenge lies in providing adequate facilities for education, training and rehabilitating these special children.

The lack of quality learning facilities widens the gap even more and worsens the situation. And children continue to live, surrounded by pity and painful rejection.

Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children is a non- government organization which was established with the devout intent of making these children self reliant to the maximum extent possible in all spheres of life. At DSWSC, we provide learning skills for the all round development of these special children.

Our efforts have met with both appreciation and support. The 'Derozio Award 2002' for outstanding service to "education and human enrichment" awarded to the society is, indeed, very encouraging.

A Message From The President

It is not generally realized how much of a difference loving care and scientific training can make to a child with special needs. The difficulties of the special children are complex, cumulative, multidimensional and there is no simplified prescription for its solution.

Out of the total population of our country, 1.8 percent is estimated to be disabled one way or the other. About 84 percent of the disabled are mentally challenged. A very small percentage of mentally challenged are enrolled in the special schools in the urban areas and an even lesser percentage in the rural areas. The proportion of employed among the mentally challenged is the lowest at 6 percent. These statistics speak volumes for the work in hand.

The Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children has been active in the field of education, training and rehabilitation of the mentally challenged for over four decades. It continuously strives to play a role in providing new vistas and operational strategies for the adjustment and integration of these special children. The Society has miles to go before fulfilling a promise of rehabilitating all the special children, in which, YOU can also play a role. Your donations, which are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, should be made out in favour of “DELHI SOCIETY FOR THE WELFARE OF SPECIAL CHILDREN” and sent to :

The Director
Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children
Okhla Centre
(Opp. to Holy Family Hospital), Okhla Marg
New Delhi 110 025

    Look for the various information necessary for parents and guardians of the special children. See also what laws and regulations are there to support these special people. >>